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An events destination on the rise

An events destination on the rise

When visiting the Peloponnese - one of the most historic areas in Greece - you will have the opportunity to discover

  • 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • 60 archaeological sites
  • 25 museums
  • 150 traditional villages
  • 15 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • 25 per cent of the Total Area is Nature
  • 28 Blue Flag Beaches and counting
  • E4 European Path
  • Unique local customs and traditions.

The Peloponnese Region encompasses everything we love about Greece: from history to gastronomy, culture and arts to stunning scenery and beaches. The region is full of gems waiting to be discovered.

The Peloponnese region has played a key role in all eras of ancient and modern Greek history. Home to prominent Greek antiquity, Spartan and Corinthian city-states, Mycenean civilisation, Homer’s main epic tales and Hercules myths. Classical Byzantine monuments, monasteries and  Venetian castles are waiting to be explored. From the Sanctuary of Asclepius and the Epidaurus Theatre to the imposing tomb of Agamemnon, the legendary King of Mycenae, to the temple of ancient Olympia, birthplace of the first Olympic Games, the Temple of Apollo Epicurus’s and the Mystras Monastery.

The Peloponnese is also known for its magnificent landscapes comprising sun-drenched sandy beaches, hidden caves and lakes, trekking paths, traditional villages and ski resorts. There is something for everyone, from sea and sun lovers, adventure seekers and wine and food indulgers to culture enthusiasts and sports fanatics. 

The region has benefited from a series of quality large-scale investments, modern integrated destination resorts and luxury hotels. 


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Alexia Panagiotopoulou
Alexia Panagiotopoulou Destination Management Consultant
  • Peloponnisos S.A
  • Episkopi Tegeas
  • Tripolis
  • 22012
  • Greece
  • National Languages: Greek
  • Time Zone: GTM+2



From Athens, by car or bus
To Nafplio in 2 hours
To Sparta in 2.5 hours
To Patra in 2 hours
To Kalamata in 2 hours
From Western Greece by car
From Ipeiros to Patras through the
Trikoupis bridge (Rio - Antirio)

By plane
To Kalamata International Airport 
From March to November there are direct flights available from:

London Heathrow
London Gatwick
London Heathrow
Tel Aviv

Patras Port by ferry
From/to Italy various options are available on a daily basis throughout the year

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Climate & Weather

With an average temperature of 19.5°C, the  weather in the Peloponnese is influenced by the Interior Mediterranean climate. Mild with dry, hot summers, the warmest months have an ave temp above 22°C. The hottest month is July, when the max temp is about 32℃. The coldest month is January when the temp can drop as low as 4℃ at night! 

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Public Holidays

  • 11/03/2019, Ash Monday **
  • 25/03/2019, National Holiday
  • 21/04/2019, Easter Sunday **
  • 22/04/2019, Easter Monday **
  • 01/05/2019, Labour Day
  • 17/06/2019, Pentecost **
  • 15/08/2019, Assumption Day
  • 28/10/2019, Ochi Day
  • 25/12/2019, Christmas Day
  • 01/01/2020, New Year's Day
  • 06/01/2020, Epiphany
**changes annually

During the public holidays there are lots of festivities organised in various areas of the Region of Peloponnese. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the local customs and traditions and to mingle with the locals.

Visa Requirements

Greece is an EU Member State and ratified the Schengen Agreement in 1997. Nationals of EU Member States and Schengen Area Member States are entitled to travel freely to Greece and other Schengen Area States by just producing their police ID card or passport. 

A new Schengen visa information system (VIS) was launched on 11 October 2011. The VIS allows Schengen Area Member States to share data on the ratification of travel documents and is used to connect consulates in EU Member States with all border control stations in Schengen Area Member States.

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All major cities are connected to Athens with fast new roads. Several resorts on the coast are connected by boat and hydrofoil to Piraeus; the ports of Kyllini and Patras offer services to the Ionian islands. Patras is the main sea route to Italy. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Region of Peloponnese boasts a great variety of Classical Byzantine monuments, monasteries and Venetian Castles that can be made available for corporate events. 

The varied landscape is home to more than 271 bird species, many of them rare, including the only European habitat of the African chameleon and the renowned Careta-careta turtles, who choose the region's beaches to lay their eggs. The nest sites and beaches are protected by the Society 'Archelon station. In addition is the fertile land, rich with olive groves, orange and lemon groves and vineyards where groups can become involved in fruit picking and wine-making for those small enterprises who could use a hand. The Mythical Peloponnese  Organisation can offer many suggestions.

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The Peloponnese is known for its magnificent landscapes, sun-drenched sandy beaches, sparkling blue Mediterranean coastline, hidden caves and lakes, trekking paths, traditional villages and ski resorts. The region has something for every visitor from watersports to beach parties, glorious food and wine plus as much adventure and sport as you wish to include. Home to more than 271 bird species, many of them rare, the only European habitat of the African chameleon,  its fertile land is rich with olive groves, orange and lemon trees, vineyards and rich flora year round.

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Team Building Events

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Indulge in mythical experiences

Peloponnese is an ideal destination for corporate meetings as it offers a large variety of conference hotels and venues, an easily accessible airport in Kalamata and and array of activites ideal for delegates and accompanying persons. 

Loutraki, Korinthos, Xylokastro, Naflpion, Epidavros, Porto Heli, Sparta, Monemvasia, Tripolis, Argos, Mystras, Mani, Kalamata, Pylos are a few of the areas that can successfully accommodate medium to small scale corporate events. 


Meet in the place where great ideas were conceived

Because of its easy access from Athens, the beauty of its diverse landscape and the importance of its sites to Western civilisation, the Peloponnese is one of the favourite locations for international conferences in Greece. The region offers a wide range of facilities for conventions and congresses. It also offers a wide range of services and suppliers to make your congress a success. Most conference resorts and facilities operate year round and are located near major cities and near archeological locations, providing unique options for social activities and events to top up the scientific agendas of international associations. 

The Region of Peloponnese successfully organised the ABTA Travel Convention in 2015 with the participation of 600 travel agents and tour operators from the UK, proving its capacity to host international events. Other major events include the Ironman, which will take place in April 2019, WTFL Think Tank, Women's International Shipping & Trading Association Congress and many more.


Incentive Sample Programme

Day 1 - Αrrive in Nafplio. Stop on the way for a unique wine-tasting experience and lunch at one of the local wineries. In the afternoon, visit the picturesque town of Nafplio, the first capital of the Greek state back in 1821, and the beautiful Palamidi castle.

Day 2- Visit the archaeological site of Mycenae through the Lion's Gate and explore the acoustic miracle of the theatre of Epidaurous. Seaside lunch in Epidaurus. Return to Nafplio and enjoy dinner in one of the city's traditional tavernas.

Day 3-Transfer from Nafplio to Monemvasia. On the way visit Mystras Monasteries and enjoy lunch overlooking the town of Sparta. Arrive in Monemvasia in the afternoon to enjoy a dinner inside the Castle.

Day 4- Depart for Oitilon on the Mani Peninsula. Enjoy a swim on the beach and lunch on the seashore. In the afternoon visit the mystifying Diros Cave and enjoy dinner in a local taverna.

Day 5- Free morning to enjoy the beach. Depart for Kalamata. Lunch in a local tavern in Kardamili and visit the house of Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor. Arrival in hotel in Kalamata. Dinner on the Messinian Gulf.

Day 6 -Visit the archaeological site of Ancient Messini and taste traditional recipes and products. There are many fairs and celebrations taking place throughout the year so participants can explore the town of Kalamata while mingling with the locals.

Day 7- Arrive in Pylos-Gialova and immerse yourselves in wine tastings, olive oil tastings or experience traditional home-cooking classes with the locals of Pylos. The area is also famous for its golf courses such as Navarino Dunes. Visit Voidokoilia beach for a swim in its mythical waters.