“It cuts out all the hard work.”

Sharon-Maria O’Sullivan, Centura Group


“It keeps everyone up-to-date as event managers. A Great port of call.”

Rachael White, Activate Event Management


“It gives a good snapshot of a place when deadlines are tight.”

Nigel Green, TMB Events


“It allows time-efficient research of many destinations all in one go.”

David Tucker, Q2Q


“It provides an overview so that event organisers get a feel for the destination.”

Vincenza Astone, h2o Creative Ltd


“It offers more information to justify venue choices and food for thought on new destinations.”

Josephine Bradley, Venues and Events International


“It promotes other destinations that I may not have considered as the information is so easily accessible.”

Lauretthe McClellan, Pineapple Events


“Not only can we educate our team with all this valuable information, in many instances we can shortcut the process of selecting a destination via this method.”

Helene Kemsley, Avenue Events South